Lotus Compass

for the Conscious Traveler
Lotus Compass is here to redefine the way people travel. We value responsible tourism that minimizes negative social, economic, and environmental impacts and instead promotes sustainability while supporting the local community. 
We stand for self-discovery, using travel as a way to awaken and see the world through a fresh lens. Through our trustworthy resources, we educate and inspire, crafting highly personalized, transformative trips with an emphasis on inner and outer exploration.
We value responsible travel. We research travel products and services and share what we learn with our community. We partner with companies that align with the travel philosophy of our business and community.   Read more about our ethos here

We travel to learn, grow, and to be open to what arises within.

About Founder

Lotus Compass is a woman-owned small business founded in 2020 by Jamie Gominger. 
Jamie is a Conscious Travel Coach, Spain Destination Expert, global citizen and meditation practitioner. She has traveled to and lived in more than 30 countries around the world, using travel as a vehicle for personal inquiry. Her approach to travel brings a unique combination of personal transformation, meaningful connections, and sustainable choices.
In Eastern traditions, a lotus flower often symbolizes transformation and enlightenment. This symbolism along with the compass signifies that you already have the ability to look within to blossom into the fullest, most beautiful version of yourself possible. You have the wisdom, the discernment, the brilliance. You are your own compass!

Conscious Travel Online Course COMING SOON!

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Our services include travel itinerary planning and coaching and an online Conscious Travel course, as well as inspiration and resources on our blog.  

Travel Planning & Coaching

Lotus Compass offers travel planning and coaching to ease the stress of vacation planning. Expert advice, stress free!  We currently specialize in the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

Online Conscious Travel Course

Learn how to travel in a more meaningful way through this video course. If you want to travel with self-growth, cultural awareness, and sustainable practices in mind, this is the course for you.  

The Travel Blog

Read the travel blog for the latest articles about sustainable travel, how-to’s, travel guides, and interviews from industry experts. Browse the blog for inspiration on your next trip.