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Say YES to spontaneous adventures. Forge your own path. Take care of our planet. Listen to your inner knowing.

Travel companies today need to do better. That’s why we’re here. Lotus Compass is a guide, a philosophy, a community of seekers, a journey that leads you back to yourself.

LOTUS COMPASS – Redefining travel.

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Lotus Compass is a travel company founded on the notion that conscious, responsible tourism is what the world needs.

With our travel planning and coaching services, we strive to minimize any negative social, economic, and environmental impacts of tourism and instead promote sustainability while supporting the local community.

How you travel is equally important to where you go. Browse the site, read about our ethos, and join our community of like-minded adventurers!

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What is the Camino de Santiago? Here’s what you need to know.

What is the Camino de Santiago? Here’s what you need to know.

Most frequently asked questions about the Camino de Santiago:   What is the Camino de Santiago? In the most basic of terms, the Camino de Santiago, or the Way of St. James, is a long-distance walk through Spain, yet it's also so much more than that! It's an...

Behind the Scenes: Lotus Compass Feature Video

Behind the Scenes: Lotus Compass Feature Video

How it started In March 2020, society collectively and abruptly shut down. Just like any unforgettable life event, I'm sure you'll forever be able to recall where you were and how you reacted to the initial shelter-in-place lockdowns from COVID-19.  I was working...

What we do

At Lotus Compass, we create meaningful trips for the conscious traveler. Long gone are the days when you’re on a packed tour bus in a sea of selfie sticks. With our guidance, you can travel with ease and gain a deeper understanding of yourself while you’re at it. Sounds like a dream come true? We think so, too! 

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Our blog aspires to inspire, sharing travel stories, tips and tricks, and reflections on the road. Browse through, and stay a while! 

Travel with ease

We provide travel planning and coaching so that you can travel with less stress and more confidence. Unlike travel agents with hidden fees and pre-packaged tours, we craft unique, personalized trips and coach clients based on their individual needs. 

Conscious travel

Conscious travel is the new travel. Traveling in this way leads to personal growth and fantastic insights, deeper connections to the culture you’re visiting, and transformative experiences. 

Read about our travel philosophy.

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