The Seeker’s Guide to Traveling while Not Traveling
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The Seeker’s Guide to Traveling while Not Traveling

For the ever-curious travel lover, faraway adventures light the path. Every journey is its own peak experience, and it’s all new and exciting! What about when you’re not traveling, though? How does your explorer essence get its fix?! Whether you’ve only got time for one or two trips a year or there happens to be a global pandemic, you’ve gotta find a way to experience the magic that being in a new place brings. Here are our solutions  – we hope they’re helpful to you!


Read novels set in other countries

Read exciting novels set in faraway lands, sweeping you away with every page. Even better if the book is set in a country you’re hoping to visit soon. That way, when you make your way to the place you’ve been reading about, you have background knowledge. You’ve had time to imagine and dream about the setting, making your trip that much more enjoyable! Plus, literary masters paint a picture about the time and place in which they were writing, making your cultural awareness that much more in tune while on the road.

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Diversify your dining 

Try that new Moroccan restaurant you’ve been eyeing for the past few weeks. Or go for Spanish tapas to satisfy your Spanish culture craving. Read this article to know what to order! Try to choose the most authentic restaurants by learning more about the owners of the restaurants. Don’t’ go to Olive Garden hoping to practice your Italian – chances are you’ll be let down. 


Cook creatively

Challenge yourself and your friends to try a few new recipes from different countries each month. Better yet, take a cooking class to spice things up! 

Cooking diverse meals
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Mindful movement

Change up your daily routine. Drive a different route to work or take the longer, more scenic route to work. You can change things up even within your daily routine. Use little moments throughout your day to evoke your sense of adventure.

Ask yourself, “How can I bring a sense of exploration and adventure to my day?” Even if it’s a small act in the name of adventure, trust me, you’ll feel the difference!


Go for a walk in nature

Put away your cell. Unplug and recharge your soul with a walk in nature. The conscious traveler spends time to reconnect with self through walking in nature. Your modern life with all its notifications and responsibilities will feel far, far away when you allow yourself space to breath amongst the trees.

Traveling by goin in nature
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Catch up with old travel buddies

If you’re like me, you’ve made so many friends while traveling. I always find so much joy in sending a random ‘hello’ to them. Whether they’re from Denmark or Peru, I find it so interesting to ask about their daily lives and what’s new with them.

Plus, keeping in touch makes it that much nicer to see them when you’re on the road next. Ask them for movie or book recommendations or to send you their favorite recipe for a splash of culture in your life!

Take a step back from the digital world and write a letter or send a postcard to your friend. Everyone loves receiving letters! 


Plan your trip

Planning involves research, preparation, getting your soul ready for the adventure to come. Hire a travel coach, especially for a soul journey like the Camino de Santiago. You can peruse websites like The Culture Trip for cool places to stay, trendy restaurants, and what to do on your next trip. Pre-trip planning definitely adds joy and excitement to the process of traveling.

Travel planning
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Listen to foreign music

“Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul.” – Plato

Listening to foreign music gets you in the soul realm of foreign places. Get creative with your playlists and discover a new place through its music. Check out what’s trending in the place you’re going to visit next. For example, I pretty much lived on flamenco music before moving to Spain. P.S. – I recommend Las Migas. They’re amazing.

Find the music lights you up and enchants you, and dance in your living room.


Concluding thoughts

When it comes to travel, dream big. Life is short; be bold and know that you can make your travel dreams come true. Plus, your in-between adventures will be just as fulfilling and exciting as you are doing the “inner travel”.  This is the key to traveling while you’re not traveling! 

Did you connect with this article? Where are you planning on going next, and how are you preparing your soul for the journey ahead? Additionally, how are you cultivating a soulful life that inspires you whether you’re home or abroad? Follow us on Instagram and sign up for the Lotus Compass newsletter

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