Transformational Travel Defined
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Transformational Travel Defined

Transformational travel is the way of the future. The Transformational Travel Council defines this type of travel as “intentionally traveling to stretch, learn, and grow into new ways of being and engaging with the world.” Intriguing, right? Read on! 

What exactly is transformational travel?

It may be easier to start with what it is not, and from there, we can move into defining what it is. 

Transformational travel is NOT: 

  • Traveling to escape “real life”
  • Cookie cutter, packaged tours
  • Going places only to say you’ve been there
  • Staying in chain hotels or all-inclusive resorts
  • Speeding through a packed itinerary
  • Big cruises (sorry, just no)

In contrast, transformational travel includes:

  • Traveling to learn about yourself
  • Learning at least a few phrases in the local language
  • Meeting differences of culture with respect
  • Trying the local dish
  • Leaving a small footprint
  • Seeking higher truths along your journey
  • Adopting a sense of curiosity and Beginner’s Mind
  • Meeting locals
  • Getting off the tourist path
  • Letting your intuition guide you
  • Living intentionally 
  • Seeking personal transformation through new experiences
  • Slowing down


Transformational Travel

Why is it important?

Let’s go a step deeper now. Why is it important to travel in search of transformation? Why not just relax, sipping a margarita at a resort on the beach instead? 

You know…I agree, it’s pretty nice every once in a while! But hear me out..

If you always travel to all-inclusive resorts (for example), you’re missing out on a HUGE opportunity to get back in touch with something lost in the fast-paced world. 

Life, routine, work, the familiar…it has a way of bogging us down. Over time, we slowly attach to a fixed identity of who we are, how the world works, and our place in the world even when that identity is no longer serving us. The result? Feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or just plain uninspired by life.

Travel allows us a fresh, new adventure. A new outlook. A new way of doing things. A golden opportunity if you take it. You can show up to this journey with carefully set intentions to understand more of who you really are, the person underneath all those layers who is fiercely curious, eager to learn, and longing for a deeper connection to self and others. 

The first step is to want to go on a journey of inner and outer exploration. Reading this article counts as pre-travel research. A great start! You could also sign up for the Lotus Compass newsletter. You’ll receive monthly articles and updates all around topics like transformational travel! 🙂 


Concluding Thoughts 

As someone who has been in the travel industry for years, I am overjoyed that transformational travel is reaching the mainstream media after COVID has made us all rethink how we travel. The surge in interest for wellness and conscious travel is an indicator that the industry is progressing toward travel being more meaningful and intentional. 

This is good for travelers, local communities, and the planet. Happy travels, fellow seekers. Let’s continue the movement! 

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