20 Essential Spanish Phrases for the Camino de Santiago

20 Essential Spanish Phrases for the Camino de Santiago

While you can get by walking the Camino  without knowing any Spanish, it’s always better to learn some essential Spanish phrases for the Camino de Santiago. Learning the language allows for deeper connection with locals and Spanish culture.   Learning the local language also helps you to be a more independent traveler. Navigating a foreign country is so much easier with a basic grasp of the language! While on the Camino, these phrases will help you to get by. Grab a pencil and paper, and let’s get started! 

The Basics

1.Hola/Adios – Hello/Goodbye

2. Cómo estás? / Qué tal? – How are you?

3. Bien/Todo bien/Mal – Well, all good, Bad

4.Gracias – Thank you (second one is in Spanish accent)

5.De nada – You’re welcome [Direct translation: It’s nothing]

6. Por favor – Please

7. Hablas ingles? – Do you speak English?

8.Me llamo…. – My name is ____ [literally “I call myself”]

9.Buenos dias – Good morning

10.Buenas tardes – Good afternoon

11. Buenas noches – Good night

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Spanish words or phrases you’ll most definitely hear on the Camino

12. Buen Camino! – Good Camino! (used as a greeting often along the Camino)

13.Peregrino – Pilgrim (that’s you!)

14. Menu del peregrino (Pilgrim’s menu)

15. Ampolla – Blister 

16. Sello – Stamp (for your credential) 

17. Credencial – Credential

18.Listo?!/ Estas listo? – Ready?! / Are you ready?

19. Chinches – Bedbugs

20. Por fin, he llegado! – Finally, I’ve arrived! 


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There you have it – a list of 20 Spanish phrases for the Camino de Santiago. You’re one step closer to your goal of walking the Camino de Santiago! Good luck, and buen Camino! 

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