Slow Travel – Aloha from an Off-grid Cabin in Hawai’i

Slow Travel – Aloha from an Off-grid Cabin in Hawai’i

Aloha Lotus Compass family!

I’m writing to you from a state of deep appreciation in an off-grid cabin on the Big Island of Hawai’i. With the flight and car rental taken care of through credit card points, the cost for this trip was minimal. 

I can’t imagine what great deeds I must’ve done in my past lives to have the good fortune of this incredible life, but I sure am grateful. 

Green Sand Beach Hawaii

Why I love slow travel

Although I’m here on the Big Island of Hawai’i for only 8 days, I am practicing what I call slow travel. I often talk about going off for a month or more for a slow travel journey like the one I did in Baja California, but hey – when you’ve got a week, you make it work!  It’s pretty easy to do in Hawaii because everyone here adopts a slower pace and takes it easy. We’re on island time, friends! 

Off-grid eco cabin

There’s more to slow travel than just moving slower. Slow travel encourages depth of experience in a place opposed to checking things off of a list. This is the contrast of traveling to a place just to get a stamp in your passport. 

I have to admit it, I’m not a fan of the trip where you spend a month visiting 6 countries, stopping off for a day or two in each city. With a fast-paced trip like this, most of the time is spent in transit. I’ve done it before and never felt like the trip was truly meaningful or made any lasting impact on my life. A fast-paced trip, saw a lot, but not one that nourished and nurtured my soul. Sure, I spent time in the top sights of each place you visit, but I never actually relaxed long enough to feel the essence of where I was. It was all a blur of train stops and museum tickets. 

Slow travel is the difference between being a tourist versus a traveler

Off-grid eco cabin day trips exploring in Hawaii


Slow travel in Hawaii 

As a dedicated slow traveler, my approach to life this week goes like this…

  1. Wake up to the sounds of nature, my favorite way to wake up!
  2. Morning yoga and meditation practice
  3. Journaling while sipping coffee on the balcony
  4. Appreciate endless ocean views
  5. Check in with my partner, “What are you feeling for today?” 
  6. Go for a hike, explore a beautiful new spot, go snorkeling, find a favorite local’s spot for lunch, etc.
  7. Little mindful moments throughout the day
  8. Watch the sunset
  9. Eat chocolate
  10. End with reading a book, currently reading Untamed by Glennon Doyle. SO GOOD.
  11. Rinse, lather, repeat!

Because I’m in a remote place and most places are closed due to COVID-19, this type of travel is perfect! Other times, it may take more planning. 

Traveling the Lotus Compass way means slowing down, getting out in nature, supporting local, and tuning in with yourself and the local culture. 

I’m so excited to offer this type of travel to YOU in the future when it’s safe to travel again. Interested? Sign up for the newsletter.

Special thanks to Nicole and Giacomo for allowing us to stay in your amazing home. It’s incredible!

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