You're Longing for Soulful Travel.

You want to learn, grow, explore.

To watch the sun set over the mountains.

To travel with intention – passing through ancient villages steeped in local traditions.

To challenge yourself and change your outlook on life.

To spend hours, DAYS even, without checking your phone.

To make the pilgrimage back to who you really are. 

You’ve dreamt of one day walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

But then you face doubt & fear.

Can I even do this?

What a crazy thought…there’s no way I could pull this off. 

I’m not ready.

I don’t even know how to begin preparing for a trip like this…

That's Where 'The Odyssey' Comes Into Play.

The Odyssey is a transformational program crafted from years of experience using a deep knowledge of the Camino de Santiago and effective inner work practices that create real impact.

Camino sign
Walking in front of a cathedral on the Camino de Santiago
Camino: santiago sign
Camino photo

Hi, I'm Jamie!

I'm the founder of Lotus Compass and a lover of all things travel. I'm an avid hiker, Certified Travel Expert, and Camino de Santiago pilgrim!

From early on, I've had a curious, adventurous spirit. I grew up with Colombian neighbors and quickly become part of the extended family. I picked up Spanish during our weekly soccer games in the backyard. In University, I studied abroad in Spain, and the Spanish culture and attitude toward life really attracted me...the togetherness, importance of play, and zest for life struck me when I studied in Granada in 2013. I made a promise to myself that I'd go back to Spain, and I did!

At 22, I moved to Ibiza knowing no one. It was the most exciting thing I'd ever done. It was there that I had a spiritual awakening of sorts. I let go of the"shoulds" - how I should behave, the job I should have, the life I should be living. I met amazing people and began to practice meditation. I walked the Camino for the first time in 2015 with the intention to practice mindfulness every step of the way. It was truly a life-changing journey. Since then, I've traveled the world, lived and worked at holistic retreat centers and now I'm here to share the wisdom I've learned from my journey.

I am so excited to guide YOU along your beautiful, unique path. During our coaching sessions, I'll make sure to listen to your needs and make sure you feel fully prepared for your Camino.

"This trip would not have been possible without Jamie's guidance nor would I have had the spiritual revelations shown to me had she not prepared my mind for what is possible. Working with Jamie felt like a breath of fresh air. There is so much power in her direction and advice because she speaks from true experience." ​
Alex Craig Travel Coaching Testimonial
Alex Craig

The Process In 3 Simple Steps



We'll focus on logistical Camino preparation. You'll have everything in place to feel ready for your pilgrimage.

What to pack on the Camino de Santiago


We'll cover on the physical preparation that will get you in shape for the Camino covering everything from gear to safety.



Our sessions will touch on the inner journey. We'll cover how to evoke sacred travel through contemplative practices. ​

The Odyssey Is For You If:

"Jamie is a very lively human being, holding a lot of depth and wisdom together with a fun, loving, heart, and open personality. She has a lot of integrity. I recommend her knowing that she will affect your life in the best way!"
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Isabel Fleury

Results: After The Odyssey, You Can Expect

  • Feel confident as you set out for the adventure of a lifetime
  • Gain clarity on your intentions for walking the Camino
  • Access to inner wisdom that helps guide you on your journey
  • Get in the best shape of your life & avoid injury while on the Camino through a training schedule
  • Get in touch with yourself & quiet the voice of doubt or uncertainty
  • Feel less dependent of others in all aspects of your life – trust in yourself
On the Camino de Santiago

How It Works

Live virtual sessions

Bi-weekly (2 x monthly) private sessions with Jamie for 3 months. No recordings or vague advice. This is tailored to YOU.

Support over time

Accountability is your best friend when it comes to preparing your body, mind, and spirit for walking a pilgrimage.

Helpful resources

Prep lists, tailored accommodation recs for each stage of the Camino, must-try tapas, best apps to download pre-Camino, and SO MUCH MORE!

Tapping into inner wisdom

Meditation, mindfulness & awareness practices, and contemplative journaling prompts for you to tap into your inner wisdom.

Along the Camino de santiago
This shows a cathedral along the Camino de Santiago, one of the most popular pilgrimages
A path along the Camino de Santiago
"Jamie is well-traveled and wise. Her conscious and thoughtful inquiry into life reflects a passion to live life fully while also walking lightly on this earth. She is a joy to know and work with and will have incredible advice for your travels."
Big Sur redwoods
Korey Foxx

The Odyssey 3-month Program Overview

Logistical Guide

All your practical Camino de Santiago questions will be answered like: -Which route to walk?
-What to pack?
-The best way to get to the starting point
-Where to stay along the Camino
-Using your phone abroad
-Safety along the Camino
- Money and budgeting
-And more!!

Working with Your Hopes & Fears

We work together to find your deeper motivations for setting off on a pilgrimage, and move through fears and doubts to making your dream of walking the Camino into a reality!

The Art of Pilgrimage

Pilgrimage is a journey to the sacred. You don't have to be religious to go on a meaningful journey back to your deeper self. Pilgrimage is the journey of finding yourself through travel. We will cover this topic and discuss how to make the most of your pilgrimage.

Providing Accountability

We will check in twice a month during our hour-long private sessions, providing a gorgeous support system for you as you are in the preparation period of your Camino.

Mindfulness on the Path

We'll cover mindfulness and awareness practices you can bring with you on your journey. You'll receive downloadable tracks specifically meant for the Camino!

Making Travel Meaningful

How can you make your trip deeply insightful? There are practices you can do to ensure a meaningful adventure, and we'll go over these in detail during private sessions.

Does your dream of walking the Camino speak to your soul? 

I offer a FREE 15-minute consultation. During the call, we can discuss your dreams of walking the Camino de Santiago.

Get started now

Frequently asked questions:

When do the sessions take place?

We will have an hour-long session twice monthly for a total of 6 sessions. You can choose the time and works best with your schedule. In between the sessions, you will be physically training and mentally and spiritually preparing for your Camino using my guidance and recommendations.

What happens when I click 'Schedule Now'?

You’ll be taken to a page to schedule a free 15-minute call with Jamie, Lotus Compass founder. From there, we’ll talk about your goals and if The Odyssey program is the right fit for you.

Otherwise you can pay now through this secure payment link!

Will you book my trip for me?

The travel coaching services give you the resources you need to plan your trip. If you’re interested in getting help with the booking of your trip,  email or schedule a call with us to further discuss!

Why hire a travel coach? Why not just use a travel agent?

We have a depth of knowledge on the Camino de Santiago and Spain. We’ve walked the Camino, and we aren’t swayed by commissions because we have a fee-based pricing model 

Plus, we understand that travel can be a deeply transformational experience, especially pilgrimage. Having a guide is tremendously helpful for this type of journey.

How do I pay?

You can pay through our secure payment processor here. From there. we’ll reach out to you and schedule your first session!

Can I buy a coaching session as a gift for someone who is preparing to walk the Camino?

Of course you can! What a thoughtful gift! First, send us an email, and then we will send you an e-gift card.

Is it worth it? What's my return on investment?

Return on your investment is in 2 parts:

Time saved during the planning process: To organize walking the Camino de Santiago and all the preparation that goes along with it,  the level of organization and detail provided by Lotus Compass, plan on spending about 5 hours per travel day if you are going to do it yourself. A 30-day trip would therefore take about 150 hours for an average person to plan (including internet and guidebook research, trying to figure out the best training schedule, booking time, and double-checking everything). By contrast, plan on 2-3 hours spent via phone or video with Lotus Compass for the Calling service, and 6 hours for the Odyssey package For the average time it takes to walk the Camino (without rest days) a 30-day trip, that’s about between 147-144 hours of time saved. How much is your time worth per hour?

Time used more efficiently on the trip: when a trip is well-prepared for ahead of time, you won’t waste time getting lost; showing up at the train station and realizing that train doesn’t run on Sundays, or waiting in line for 2 hours for a museum that could have been pre-booked, for example, and don’t forget: the more prepared you are body, mind & spirit, the more you will be able to RECEIVE from your trip. You will spend less time stressing and more time experiencing fully what the Camino has to offer. You’ll connect more with locals. You’ll be able to journal about all the beautiful insights you are gaining from your trip, and isn’t that the reason why you want to walk this ancient trail in the first place?!

Can I walk a pilgrimage even if I'm not religious?

100% YES. A 2019 study completed by the Pilgrim’s Office in Santiago de Compostela showed that 49% of pilgrims walked for spiritual reasons rather than religious. For the modern pilgrim, the journey is leading you back to yourself, and each step of the way teaches you valuable lessons. 

Honestly I'm feeling so intimidated about signing up.

You’re not alone. Many people hear a voice in their head saying, “You aren’t ready for this” or “maybe one day”. 

Here’s the thing: There’s a part of you that hates when you step outside of your comfort zone. It’s the part of you that protects you from getting hurt, that tells you not to be vulnerable. This part of you wouldn’t mind if you played it safe your whole life, staying in the same exact routine day in and day out.  It’s the protective quality within us that made sure we didn’t get eaten by wolves and lions hundreds of years ago. We’ve evolved, but that biological defense mechanism hasn’t quite caught up. 

You can choose to live from the values that drive you to grow instead. 

The part of you that values new experiences, self growth, and exploration can take the lead on this one.  Signing up for The Odyssey is you stepping up and choosing to live in alignment with your values. 

Let you inspiration, your passion, your sense of adventure be your guide.

I'm still not sounds amazing, but I don't know.

If you were my coaching client, I’d tell you:

  • Check in with your body. How does the idea feel in your body? Good but scary or exciting? That’s a good sign!
  • Ask yourself clarifying questions.    How would this program change my life? What would happen if I did this? What would my decision be if I knew I couldn’t fail. What am I noticing within myself as I ask these questions?
  • Journal about it. Is there a particular fear or worry that is coming up for you? Write it out and see what comes up.
  • Reflect. What are your intentions for the upcoming year of your life? How would this play into those intentions?