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Questions about Lotus Compass

Lotus Compass is a travel company that provides travel coaching and itinerary planning for independent, active travelers.

Lotus Compass believes traveling is  a powerful tool for self growth. We promote traveling responsibly to connect with other cultures and ways of life. In doing so, we’re able to learn about ourselves and live more open, compassionate, and joyful lives. 

Independent, active travelers who care about responsible tourism. If you don’t like the idea of a crowded bus tour and would much rather go off the beaten path, we’ve got your back.

Right now, we are offering our planning and coaching services for trips in Spain.

We also specialize in all things Camino de Santiago

Questions about your trip

General Trip Questions

You’ve got a few options. 

  1. If you have very little time to plan for yourself but you know you want an incredible trip with all the details taken care of. The Luxury travel planning services will be a great fit for you.
  2. You want the freedom of deciding some things for yourself but you’re okay with us planning the first and last few days of your trip to take off some stress. You have some time to fill in the rest of the details based on my recommendations. You’d be perfect for the Travel Coaching Deluxe services! 
  3. You feel excited to plan your own trip, and you want my advice on where to start, what to do and see. You are okay with having possibly 40 + hours dedicated to planning your own trip. Check out Lotus Compass Travel Coaching services!

For travel planning, we need at least 3 months notice. The sooner the better, with the ideal time being 4-6 months before your desired departure date, especially if you plan to travel during the high season. Summer months are the high tourist/travel season in Spain. 

For travel coaching, we can work together whenever you want. Just know you will need time to prepare everything before your trip. I’d say 1-2 months at least! 

First of all, we love that you’re interested in traveling and seeing more of our beautiful world. 

Lotus Compass travel planning services are pre-booked, meaning you’d have most logistics taken care of, yet you’d still have to do some things on your own. There wouldn’t be someone telling you where to go and what to do at all times (like a big, pre-packaged group tour). This could be overwhelming for someone who has never been in a foreign country. 

If you feel aligned with the type of travel we specialize in, consider joining in the small group tour to Spain. If you’re still interested in one of the services we offer, let’s have a conversation about it. 

We recommend purchasing travel insurance for your trip. Typically, your U.S. health insurance provider will not cover any doctor visits or emergency situations in Spain. For that reason, it’s very important to get coverage while abroad.

We always use World Nomads and highly recommend their services!

Travel Coaching FAQs

  • 1 (30 min.) call with a Lotus Compass trip guide to ask all the questions you have about your upcoming trip
  • Route suggestions
  • Training regimen
  • Packing guide
  • Hiking gear recommendations
  • Camino language guide 
  • Book & film recommendations
  • Spanish food guide
  • Cultural awareness tips
  • Sustainable travel tips
  • Detailed packing guide
  • Currency advice
  • Personalized list of the best accommodations, restaurants, and activities
  • Contemplative journal prompts
  • Goal-setting exercises
  • 3 guided meditation and mindfulness practice recording 
  • FREE amazing Camino guidebook 

No bookings are included in the Travel Coaching service. You are in charge of your own planning.

Travel Coaching Deluxe FAQs

Everything included in Travel Coaching PLUS booking of accommodations, 1 restaurant reservation, and 1 activity for the first and last 3 days of your trip.

Outside of the first and last three days of your trip, nothing is booked for you. You are responsible for paying for what we book.

The Camino lends itself to listening to your intuition. Want to rest and walk slower one day? Or maybe you want to push yourself and walk further? Not booking your accommodations ahead of time gives you the freedom to follow your own path. We encourage this type of travel! Sometimes it’s nice to know the first and last part of your trip is taken care of, though. This is the middle ground. We made the Travel Coaching deluxe specifically for the Camino.

Luxury Travel Planning FAQs

1 on 1 conversation with a trip specialist, accommodation bookings each night, 1 meal reservation a day, and activities booked for 30% of the days of your trip. Why only 30%? Because when walking the Camino, you will want space and time to reflect, relax, and simply be. In order to preserve that precious time, it’s important not to pack your schedule too full.  You’ll also receive a free Lotus Compass care package and guidebook before your trip!

Flights. You are in charge of any costs of hotels, accommodations, tours, food, etc. We are in charge of the booking only.

We aren’t travel agents.

We have never planned the same trip twice. Seriously. Our trips are fully customized.

We know Spain and the Camino and have a depth of experience to offer as we plan your trip. We don’t rely on commission. You will almost always be paying less than a packaged tour when you use our services.

We’ll work together until it’s perfect.

Money Matters

To get started with our services, we require a 50% non-refundable deposit.