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The Ancient Art of Mindful Travel

The History of Pilgrimage

The history of pilgrimage is an ancient one. For millennia, pilgrims have embarked on a journey in search of something more: purification, salvation, a deeper meaning, self-discovery. They carry their burdens along with their hopes and fears, seeking answers along the way. In fact, almost all cultures have used pilgrimage as a means of relating with the sacred. 

With that being said, pilgrimage has a religious tone. For instance, the word “pilgrim” brings up images of devout believers walking a long, arduous journey to a church or a religious site. Take Mecca for Muslims or the Bodhi Tree where Buddha gained enlightenment for Buddhists, as an example. 

The Rise of Spiritual Pilgrimage

In the last few decades, however, the lens of pilgrimage has widened more and more to that of a spiritual quest. Technically, the term “pilgrimage” is used to express a sacred journey to a holy place. But what if the sacred journey is every step of the way?  

The spiritual pilgrim is a seeker. The opportunity to travel slowly and mindfully is welcome! The modern day pilgrim steps away from the unsustainable speed of modern life to search within. This time of investigative personal discovery is a process that always undoubtedly leads to self-growth. 

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