Are you holding yourself back? Finding answers & living in truth
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Are you holding yourself back? Finding answers & living in truth

We live in a highly globalized society. Imagine the shock of your ancestors if you told them you can think of something you don’t have (and don’t need), and it will show up at your doorstep within two days. They would’ve never imagined that possibility. As the human race advances, the possibilities are endless.

Are the possibilities endless for your life, though? Are you brave enough to imagine a radically creative, inspiring life that deeply aligns with who you truly are? And what does living in truth and creativity have to do with all of this?

If you’re feeling stuck, lost, empty, dull, or just plain uninspired by life – how can you change that? How can you drop into the pulse of what makes you feel alive? Instead of looking to external way signs, how can you find the answers and wisdom within? Sometimes the only way to really hear your inner sage is to break away from the routine, to decidedly choose transformation. Choose creativity. And at the end of the day, choose yourself. 

You don’t need a map to find your home

First and foremost, stop looking to others for your answers. Asking for external advice to your innermost dreams and life vision is like handing a foreigner the map to your hometown and asking for directions to your home. Even with the best of intentions, they aren’t familiar with your town like you are. It’s where you were born. You’ve lived your life there. You know all the secret side streets and beautiful spots to watch the sunset. This is your journey, and you don’t need someone else to tell you where to go. Better yet, you don’t even need a map to find your way. You already know the way.

Get quiet within

Second, get quiet within. Your inner wisdom speaks in whispers, waiting for you to listen closely. Turn down the radio of your thoughts. Listen. Come back to the wisdom within.

Ask yourself: What is true for me? What do I want to bring into this world? How do I want to live? What am I longing for?

Read this article for some great journaling prompts for self discovery! 

Here are some great resources:

Meditation; inner journey
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Be bold when designing your life

Third, create the inner vision for your life, and don’t hold back. Don’t limit your dreaming to what others have done or what your friends and family expect of you. What matters here is what inspires you. As Tara Mohr says in her book “Playing Big”, “The personal and collective transformation we need to enact is too different from what exists. We are called to forge significant reimaginings, restructurings, reconceptualizing of the status quo.”

Be brave enough to think outside of the box when designing your life.  Often, travel can be a perfect pairing when you are in this stage because travel takes you out of your “box”. Maybe you don’t want to live in a box anymore. Your possibilities are expanding, and you feel more empowered to follow your curiosities.

Living in truth
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Living in unapologetic truth

There’s a voice inside of all of us that is wise, loving and knows exactly what we need to create innovatively, lead compassionately, and be the best version of ourselves. The more you quiet the voice of doubt, stop listening to outside “should’s”, and honor who you are every day in every way, this inner wisdom will emerge. The whisper of your inner sage turns into a full body knowing, and you become less doubtful and more trusting of that part of yourself.

When you live in alignment with your own truth, you forge your own path – one that is unequivocally yours

What does it mean to live in truth? It means to check in with yourself and honor the part of you that says, “yes, this feels right” or “leave this relationship” or “you’re ready”.  It can show up in every aspect of your life – in moments big and small. It’s your intuition, your psyche, your soul. It’s the part of you that is most truly YOU, connected to all.

Concluding Thoughts

By choosing to look within, getting creative and thinking outside of the box, and intentionally living from a place of authentic truth, you will naturally walk a path that inspires self growth and creativity. As Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche said, “Spirituality is another word for intuition.” So listen to your intuition. Everything else will work itself out! 





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