Behind the Scenes: Lotus Compass Feature Video

Behind the Scenes: Lotus Compass Feature Video

How it started

In March 2020, society collectively and abruptly shut down. Just like any unforgettable life event, I’m sure you’ll forever be able to recall where you were and how you reacted to the initial shelter-in-place lockdowns from COVID-19. 

I was working in Big Sur, California. My partner and I had just moved in together in this little off-grid cabin. When I got the news that I was furloughed from work, suddenly, like so many others, I was given the gift of time and space. Luckily, I was in one of the most beautiful places in the world to process what was happening “out there” in the chaos of the world. 

From the cabin, we weren’t in tune with the news cycles, updating on Covid by the hour. We were in tune with the cycles of the sun and moon. We, too, felt the unknown and the worry of what would be, yet we also had redwoods, cypress trees, songbirds, and the roaring Pacific Ocean reminding us to stay present. 

Each day, we woke up and decided what we’d do with our day based on the weather. Sunny day? Time for a long hike! And if you’ve never been to Big Sur, there was never a shortage of trails to explore! Sam, my partner, is a videographer who is so incredibly talented, and one day we had the idea of making a video of our time living in Big Sur during the pandemic. The more shots we got, the more excited we felt to make this project something great. In Big Sur, surrounded by nature and so much spaciousness, we allowed creativity to be our guide. 

To make the project a more collaborative effort, I decided to write some prose for the video, and what you see is the finished product of that collaboration! 

The meaning of the video

To me, this video matches the ethos of Lotus Compass. “What is it you’re called to do? What makes you feel alive?” Those questions are getting to the core of your existence and your calling in life. When we ask ourselves this and genuinely listen to what comes up, we can honor ourselves and live with a true sense of purpose! 

Inspiration, curiosity, and a little push to go for it. This is what Lotus Compass is all about. To us, the best way to find the answers to those questions is through travel. Conscious traveling is about asking those big questions, stepping out of your comfort zone, and discovering so much along the way.

Travel with meaning. Learn about yourself and the world. Go for it, friends! If not now, when? 


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