Conscious Travel

What exactly is conscious travel? To start, the dictionary describes conscious as, “aware of and responding to one’s surroundings; awake.” As introduced by the founder of Lotus Compass, Jamie Gominger, below are the three pillars of conscious travel.


Intrapersonal refers to your relationship with yourself. As wisdom traditions emphasize, the path must start with oneself. The conscious traveler embarks on an inner and outer journey. You travel to awaken, to understand, to open, to come home to who you truly are. This aspect of the path involves personal inquiry, meditation, intention setting, and gratitude. Ask yourself: What am I searching for? How can I awaken to the beauty, magic, and wonder of life on my journey? How can I bring awareness and self-inquiry into my trip?

Interpersonal refers to your relationship with ‘other’. When traveling, how can you cultivate deep connections with people you meet along the way? How can you honor cultures and traditions that have existed before you? Are you able to consume consciously? How can you show respect to local cultures and add value throughout your journey? 

Transpersonal refers to ‘other than’ – the birds, trees, rivers, all that we see and do not see in our natural environment. As we begin to align our relationship with self and other, our relationship with the environment follows. The invitation here is to gain awareness on the impact travel has on the planet. How can you lower your carbon footprint and show up as a steward to the land? What does it look like to live harmoniously with the planet? In what ways can you travel more sustainably?


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