8 Fantastic Reasons to Travel to Spain
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8 Fantastic Reasons to Travel to Spain

Spain is an amazing country with so much to offer. Here are eight reasons why you should most definitely travel to Spain! 

The weather

Mediterranean weather is a thing. The southern region of Andalusia has more than 300 sunny days per year! While not all regions are known for the incredibly sunny weather, you’re likely to enjoy a great climate in the spring, summer, and fall in most coastal regions. The central regions can be very hot in the summer, so best to visit those in the off seasons. The northeastern region of Galicia will be a beautiful change of scenery, with more rain and colder weather resembling Ireland more than Spain. With that being said, most of Spain is a beautiful, warm, and sunny travel destination. Read all about the climate and average weather in Spain here.

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The food

If you’re taking a trip to Spain anytime soon, be prepared to eat amazing food. The tapas culture makes each gastro experience a lesson in Spanish culture. Not to mention, each region brings something new to the table, from fresh seafood and soul-warming soups in Galicia to delicious cured ham and green olives in the South. There’s so much to discover! 


The hiking 

Spain is home to many diverse landscapes that are ideal for hiking. You could walk the Camino de Santiago, an ancient pilgrimage that attracts hundreds of travelers each year, all searching for answers to life’s big questions, or you could find your own way through along a quiet trail in the Picos de Europa, northern Spain’s hidden gem.

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The historical sites

The Phoenicians, Romans, Visigoths, and the Moors are just a few civilizations that called the Iberian Peninsula home in the past millennia. Each landmark tells a story of Spain’s rich past. Be sure to read up on Spain’s history before going


The lifestyle

I first visited Spain to learn the language; I stayed around because I fell in love with the Spanish way of life. In Spain, people care about enjoying life. They work to live instead of living to work. They take three-hour lunch breaks, enjoy tapas paired with good wine, and live with a lightness and playfulness that makes visitors feel at home. Read a great blog post about Spaniards enjoyment for life.

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Variety of landscapes and cultures

Traveling to Spain means you don’t have to settle for choosing between the beach and the city for your vacation. With the high-speed railways, you can enjoy a beach day in Barcelona and in less than three hours, you’re in Madrid taking in the big city. It’s a country known for its varying regions. Some regions speak different languages and have completely different foods than what you’d think of typical Spanish food. Learn more here.


Practice your Spanish

Put that Spanish class you took back in the day to use! Porqué no? While not every region speaks Spanish as their first language, almost all Spaniards speak Spanish and are gracious when you’re trying out the language. Traveling to Spain means you can practice speaking Spanish, which has more than 460 million native speakers worldwide. Just remember to have fun with it! 

Check out the 15 best language schools in Spain!

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Ease of travel 

With some research and attention to detail, you can travel to Spain with joy and ease. I’ve done the “roughin’ it” backpacking trip through countries where nearly everything is a challenge in some way or another. It’s mentally, physically, and emotionally difficult. With Spain travel, you can spend time enjoying, exploring, learning, and growing without the strain of a culture so supremely different than that of the United States. 


There you have it! I hope you’re more informed on why Spain is a great travel destination. Enjoy your upcoming trip to the beautiful España! 

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