5 Favorites and 5 Must-See Travel Destinations
Photo by Geoff Byron

5 Favorites and 5 Must-See Travel Destinations

Hola amigos! Jamie here. Recently someone asked me what my favorite countries I’ve visited are and which countries are my must-see travel destinations. The list of places I want to see is admittedly a long one. It was hard to narrow it down to just five places! Let’s get started with my top 5 favorite countries I’ve visited. 

5 Favorite Countries I’ve Visited 


Does this surprise anyone? If so, read this article to learn why I love Spain so much. I lived there for about 4 years in total. First, I studied in and fell in love with Granada in Andalucia, Spain. Afterwards, I moved to Ibiza, Spain where I taught English. I created this business to help people walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain because I wanted to spread the goodness. I feel like Spain is a second home to me at this point, and I just love being there!

Granada by night (must-see travel destinations)
Photo by Yanko Peyankov

Costa Rica

If you want to be surrounded by beautiful nature, Costa Rica is the place to go. They have done eco-tourism right, and I really enjoyed the food, music, and laid back vibe of the place. This is the country where I first learned Spanish. I think it’s a great place to learn because their accent is very clear. Here’s the school I studied at. It was great!

Volcano in Costa Rica (must-see travel destinations)
Photo by InfiniteThought


La bella Italia. Wow. I absolutely love this country. From the moment I first arrived, Italy captivated me. The language, the culture, the way I feel when I’m there. It’s like I’m lost in a film; everything is so cinematic. I especially like Rome and look forward to traveling to spending more time in southern Italy and Silicia.

Naples streets
Photo by Paul Postema

Czech Republic

I have only been to Czech Repulic once. It was a short visit but it was enough to have me entranced. I recommend going to Prague and roaming the streets to take in its magical architecture. Beer is cheaper than water here, so there’s that!

prague: must-see travel destinations list
Photo by Dmitry Goykolov

California [USA]

I count California as a country because it’s so big and has so many aspects to it. I have been living in California for about two years now at the time of this writing. To start, I lived in Big Sur. Recently I’ve moved to Santa Cruz. The central California coast is amazing for its hiking, beaches, and sustainable lifestyle.

Central coast California cliffs (Must-see travel destinations)
Photo by Kelsey Knight

Runners up

I had a hard time choosing just 5 countries! For example, I really, really loved visiting Switzerland, Portugal, and Mexico as well.

5 Countries on My ‘Must-See Travel Destinations’ List

These are all the places I want to visit ASAP. Have you been to any of these countries? Let me know if so! 


Japan will be my next big trip!! I want to walk the Kumano Kodo, which is an ancient pilgrimage through the Kii Peninsula. I can’t wait for this adventure. Not to mention, all my friends who’ve traveled to Japan come back with great stories about their trip. The main thing I’m excited for is the pilgrimage, trying foods I can’t pronounce, the hot springs, and the many gorgeous Buddhist temples throughout the country.

Japan street
Photo by Clay Banks


Bhutan fascinates me. It’s a tiny little kingdom between China and India, and its people are some of the happiest in the world. They only introduced television and internet about 20 years ago, so there’s been very little outside influence. The experience would be like stepping back in time and experiencing a more peaceful, simpler way of life. Because of this, the country has a strict ‘high value, low impact’ tourism policy, which aligns with our ethos here at LC. 

Photo by Prateek Katyal


The fjords! The breathtaking nature! Yes, please. I am so looking forward to visiting Norway one day in the future. I want to walk St. Olav’s Way, which is a Nordic pilgrimage to the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, Norway. It’s about 640 km long (about 400 miles) and it looks absolutely incredible. Who’s with me?

Must-see travel destinations: Norway
Photo by Vidar Nordii Mathisen


Amazing food, Mediterranean coast, luxurious hamams, incredibly friendly people, and ancient wonders. It’d be a beautiful experience. I would definitely need to plan the trip to include some local guides and off the beaten path adventures. Read more about Turkey here.

Must-see travel destinations: Turkey
Photo by Osman Koycu

New Zealand

New Zealand seems like a nature-lovers dream. My dream is to rent a van and just head for the open road. I even joined a forum that posts used vans in New Zealand for purchase for this kind of trip. One day… In the meantime, I’ll keep reading about the magical natural beauty of this country. Here’s a fun article about New Zealand top sites.

New Zealand nature is on must-see travel destinations list
Photo by Geoff Byron

Runners up

Um, everywhere? But seriously, there are so many countries on the must-see travel destinations list! Who’s with me? I could’ve easily added Iran, Thailand, China, Uruguay, Argentina, South Africa, and Kenya to this list. 

Have you been to one of these countries? Also, what is on your must-see list? Please comment below or contact me directly! I’d love to hear your answer. Hasta pronto, amigos. 

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