20 Powerful Journaling Prompts for Self Discovery
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20 Powerful Journaling Prompts for Self Discovery

Journaling is a self-awareness practice that can lead to personal transformation. If you’re like me though, there are inevitably those moments when I sit down to write something, and I end up just staring at a blank page. Where are all the insights? How can I reflect if there’s crickets instead of creativity?! If you have the same problem, it’s about time you used a journaling prompt! It just so happens that I wrote down 20 powerful journaling prompts for you to try out. Happy journaling! 

How to Write Using Journaling Prompts

Using prompts is a great way to kickstart your journaling session! I recommend picking one prompt to answer each day. This will help you write consistently for your daily journaling practice. Otherwise, you can also pick a prompt at random.

20 Powerful Journaling Prompts

Self reflection takes a desire to look within and go deeper into your own psyche. These prompts are best answered in a quiet setting where you can check in with yourself without interruption. Allow the answers to unfold without editing or trying to make your answer sound good. 

20 Journaling Prompts


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