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Have you always wanted to walk the Camino de Santiago?
Are you feeling called to go on a meaningful journey?
Do you feel excited about inner growth through outer exploration?

Well, my friend. You’re in the right place.

we offer travel planning & coaching for the camino de santiago in Spain


Our travel planning clients are not interested in a packaged tour. Instead, they love going off the beaten path, meeting local guides, and staying in stunning accommodations. 

Lotus Compass offers two levels of travel coaching with optional add-on services.

Travel Coaching

"Choose your own adventure"

This tier of service is best for travelers who want professionally vetted, up-to-date recommendations from a trusted source yet the ability to book the trip themselves. Here’s what’s included:

  • Route suggestions
  • Training regimen
  • Packing guide
  • Hiking gear recommendations
  • Camino language guide 
  • Pre-Camino book & film recommendations
  • Spanish food guide
  • Personalized list of Lotus Compass-approved hotel, restaurants, and activities
  • Cultural awareness tips
  • Sustainable travel tips
  • Contemplative journal prompts
  • Goal-setting exercises
  • 3 guided meditation and mindfulness practice recording 
  • Electronics guide for Spain/EU travel
  • Currency advice
  • FREE amazing guidebook 
  • FREE Camino notebook to journal about your experiences
  • 1 (30 min.) call with Lotus Compass staff to ask all the questions you have about your upcoming trip

Note: You will be responsible for booking and organizing everything and for the trip costs.

 Cost: $350

Camino de Santiago pilgrimage, mountainous Spain

Travel Coaching Deluxe

"Choose Your Own Adventure"
with training wheels

This tier is for travelers who want personalized travel recommendations & a little help with booking. Here’s what’s included: 

  • Everything included in Standard Travel Coaching PLUS
  • Additional (30 minute) call with Lotus Compass staff
  • 3 days of custom itinerary planning before & after your Camino*

*Custom itinerary planning before & after Camino include logistics (train, private transfer, etc.), hotel reservations, dinner reservations, and 1 activity per day based on your interests. 

Note: You will be responsible for booking everything (aside from the 6 hotel reservations, 6 dinner reservations, and 4 activities) and for the trip costs.

Cost: $550


These additional services may be purchased alongside either Travel Coaching package.

Pre-Camino add-ons

4-week one-on-one Camino Spanish language course 

Life Coach Package with Alex Craig

Meditation course with Rebeca Castella

Astrology Reading with Isabel Fleury

During Camino add-ons

24/7 in-country support while on the Camino

Weekly check-ins with Jamie Gominger while on the Camino

Post Camino add-ons

1 hr. integration session with Jamie Gominger

Get started

Step 1: Fill out our questionnaire so we can learn more about you, your travel style, and motivations for the trip.

Step 2: We will get in touch with you via email to set up a free 15-minute consultation to discuss your trip in further detail.

Step 3: We will send you all the resources you need for your trip, and you will schedule your one-on-one video or phone call (your choice!) with Lotus Compass founder Jamie Gominger. The call is 1 hour long and allows you the chance to ask any questions you may have about your upcoming trip.